what happend to brand-true

In September 2003, Ed Howie founded BRAND-TRUE, LLC as a brand consultancy to support businesses in developing sales-building strategies and initiatives.  Through experience, we found that the reason companies struggled in growing new sales was the same reason they would call us in the first place: because they lacked the right resources.

BRAND-TRUE quickly expanded into helping our clients, not only develop, but execute sales-building solutions.

Today, we are a fully-resourced marketing department for our clients.
But in true partnership fashion, our clients only pay for the resources they need…when they need them.

This way of business is much more profitable than building their own marketing department.

As we continue to help clients sell more, we realize that this collaboration creates"profitable energy" for our clients. They have access to a team of really smart people, and we work side-by-side as an extension of whatever marketing department they may have (or not have) to help them sell more.

We help our clients power their business, by developing their overall brand strategy…to sell more. 

Which is why we refer to what we do as…brandtricity!

Being the clever branders we are…we said:
"If what we do is brandtricity…then we should call our selves brandtricity."
Very clever. 

We secured the trademark.
Filed the DBA.
And while our parent company remains BRAND-TRUE, LLC…our brand is brandtricity.

We are brandtricity…and it's what we do…too.

Need more sales?  Power your business with brandtricity! 
Give us a call…or email…or text.