about brandtricity


brandtricity is built on the core conviction that every element of your business either magnifies or detracts from your brand.  And each of those elements produces either positive or negative power around your brand.

We define brand power as “brandtricity.”

We believe positive brandtricity creates positive business results.

The greater your brandtricity, the greater your brand value.

Founded in 2003 as brand-true, brandtricity activates brands with an integrated approach to strategic marketing communications built in tandem with thorough business development plans.

brandtricity partners with its client’s internal teams to bring them a network of professional resources from multiple marketing disciplines and industries.  Ed Howie and brandtricity have served and collaborated with multiple brand leaders, including 7-Eleven®, Chick-fil-A®, FBD®-Frozen Beverage Dispensers, Coca-Cola®, KFC®, Massage Heights®, BIQA® COFFEE, Tyson®, Safeway®, Allison’s Gourmet Kitchens®, Wild About Food®, Walmart®, and Brookshire’s®.

brandtricity is successful only when we are able to help our clients sell more.

we believe brandtricity empowers brands to sell more.